Aldehayyat, Jehad S. and Anchor, J.R (2009) Strategy Implementation Problems in Jordanian Publicly Quoted Industrial Firms. Working Paper. Emerging Markets Research Group University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK. (Unpublished)

This research aims to identify the problems associated with the implementation of strategic decisions in Jordanian publicly quoted industrial firms. It also aims to make a comparison between “high success” firms and less successful firms in order to find out whether there are any differences in their experience of these problems.

A cross sectional survey, employing a questionnaire as the data collection method, was adopted. The empirical research was conducted by delivering by hand the questionnaires to all Jordanian publicly quoted industrial firms (hereafter referred to as Jordanian industrial firms).

The main findings of this research are that the Jordanian industrial firms experienced all the major strategy implementation problems which have been identified in earlier literature; that the “high success” group experienced strategy implementation problems less often than the “low success” group; and that formal strategic planning helped firms to deal with these problems.

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