Hearn, Jeff (1989) Leading questions for men: men's leadership, feminist challenges, and men's responses. Equal Opportunities International, 8 (1). pp. 3-11. ISSN 0261-0159

This introductory article of the Special Issue on ‘Men, Masculinities and Leadership’ provides some necessary background information for the other articles in the issue. It outlines major social changes that have contributed to the disassociation of leadership and maleness, and the more general reappraisal of men's leadership. The major focus of the article is a review of literature on leadership seen in terms of it being the theories and practices of men. The article continues with discussions of the nature of feminism, and feminist challenges to men and leadership, and the crisis of men and masculinities; and concludes with men's responses to these changes, in men's groups, and mixed group and organisational contexts

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