Davies, Christopher S. (1993) A comparative investigation of ankle - brachial pressure indices within an age variable population. Journal of British Podiatric Medicine (2). ISSN 0961-6055

This investigation researched the normal resting and after exercise levels of ankle: brachial pressure indices within an age variable population. The subjects chosen for this study were deemed to be clinically normal with respect to their lower limb vascular status. In addition, subjects were excluded if they were known to be diabetics, smokers, suffering from cardiovascular disease or receiving treatment for hypertension.

The results indicate that, although there are differences in the individual readings of the population sample of patients, the mean readings fall within the accepted referenced normal range for a healthy adult. The subjects studied had a mean reading of within the range opf 0.98 and 1.29 at rest and 1.2 after exercise.

Statistical evidence is available which indicates that the age of an individual has an influence on the ankle: brachial pressure readings, that in this sample females have a higher mean reading than males in all categories, and that these readings in both male and female subjects, show a reduction within the 75+ years age range, as a consequence of the normal ageing process.

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