Ormrod, Graham and Kiteley, Robin J. (2008) Towards a team approach to implementing and sustaining e-learning development. In: Teaching & Learning Conference 2008 Enhancing Learning: Technology by Design, Monday 15th September 2008, University of Huddersfield, UK. (Unpublished)

This presentation considers ways in which a team based approach to e-learning development can help in the embedding and sustaining of e-learning within the curriculum. As Salmon (2005:202) notes the emergence of new technologies has, so far, done little to expand the traditional conception of teaching as being essentially “an individual and traditional craft”.

‘Teaching teams’ in which learning academics, technologists, designers, IT specialists and information specialists work closely together is beginning to emerge more in the UK but is already fairly well established in the US (Oliver, 2002; Brown et al, 2003). These types of working relationships contain a wider skill mix and breadth of expertise than a single academic could realistically be expected to muster. Furthermore these team approaches have the potential to be more responsive, flexible and relevant to achieving the objectives of the contemporary, globalised university.

The presentation will draw upon examples of collaborative e-learning development within the School of Human and Health Sciences and consider the ways in which academics, learning technologists, information specialists and technicians can work together to achieve a set of shared goals. It goes on to consider some of the challenges and constraints posed by this model of working and locates this within a wider context of cultural and institutional change

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