Miligy, B. H, Tipi, Nicoleta S., Bamford, Colin and Hubbard, Nick J. (2009) Enhancing the Operational Efficiency of the Global Supply Chain through the Development of an E-Business Model: A Case Study of Alexandria Port of Egypt. In: 14th International Symposium on Logistics, 5th - 8th July 2009, Istanbul , Turkey. (Unpublished)

The purpose of this research is to investigate the efficiency of global supply chain information and operations and to examine the importance of enhancing global supply chain management and operations through using electronic business transactions for the case study of Alexandria port of Egypt. The research addresses the issue of the feasibility of introducing a tailored e-business model to enhance global supply chain operations in Alexandria port with a view to increasing the
competitiveness of the port. The code name for the proposed model is GEMA Model i.e., Global EBusiness Model for Alexandria will be presented here to emphasize the necessity of each element
included that suit the Egyptian environmental particularities.An analysis of the current systems applied in Alexandria port will be also presented here with the view to highlight critical issues and emphasize the need for a system change. Alexandria port is the largest port in Egypt and the only port that deals with all types of cargo. They currently operate with two systems. One is a manual documentary system that has been proved to be obstacle due to the long procedures required to finalize an operation. The other one is a web-based semi-automated system, which has been recently adopted by Alexandria port recently. This second system is considered semi-automated as it concentrates only on customs procedures. The use of the two systems is sometimes challenging for the users. The research reveals that a system change is needed which should consider elements such as: securities, strategies, policies, cultures, and skills that suit the local environment leading to improved port performance

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