Benson, Lawrence, Bowles, N, Cassidy, A., Dearnley, C., Gatecliffe, Lynda, Kenworthy, D., Persaud, A. and Thurgood, Graham (1999) Dimensions of Open and Distance Learning: A Case Study on Developments at the School of Health Studies, University of Bradford, UK. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning (EURODL). ISSN 1027-5207

This paper aims to bring together a selection of works, both position papers and research reports, authored by various members of a small department at the University of Bradford, UK. Each of the papers discusses a response to the changes that have evolved in Health Care Education in recent years. The School of Health Care Studies was created in April 1996 adding a new dimension to the University of Bradford. Not only were programmes such as health care management, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and radiography new to the University’s portfolio, but in some cases the methods of delivery also signalled the emergence of a changing culture within the organisation. The Division of Health Care Studies is a small, but expanding, department within the School of Health Studies. It has a unique role within the school in that it is responsible for multi-professional education to a diverse group of post-registration students from many areas of the health care sector, rather than for one specific group such as nurses or radiographers.

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