Seymour-Smith, Sarah (2002) Illness as an Occasion for Story Telling: Social Influences in Narrating the Masculine Self to an Unseen Audience. In: Narrative, Memory and Life Transitions. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 137-144.

This paper is an analysis of the testicular cancer video diary of a man whose
pseudonym is Cal. Although there are many analytic pathways one could take
the focus here is on how the ‘imagined audience’ influences the presentation of
identity in his illness story. In one sense this video diary is a personal record of
one man’s struggle with cancer but, although the video diary was made by
himself and for himself, there is evidence of an ‘unseen and unspecified
audience’ throughout. In Bakhtin’s terms there is a dialogical framework. It is
suggested that a consideration of this ‘audience’ is significant in that it
indicates culturally appropriate ways of telling illness stories.

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