Watkins, G. G. and Gillibrand, Warren P. (2004) Diabetes education on-line (DEOL): evaluation of professional education in foundation diabetes care. Diabetic Medicine, 21 (s2). p. 49. ISSN 0742-3071

Introduction The development of the National Service Framework
for diabetes has increased the need for regular education of all
health care professionals (HCP) involved in diabetes care.
Aims To develop and evaluate an on-line course providing a multidisciplinary
diabetes educational program and to provide a network
for continued communication.
Methods An eight unit interactive course has been developed
together with a separate ‘Diabetes Education and Research Network’.
Both utilize the University’s managed learning environment
providing both synchronous and asynchronous communication
facilities. An evaluative framework to assess educational impact
utilizes on-line focus group discussion, questionnaire and reflective
diaries for perceived clinical impact.
Results On-line focus group discussion themes: utility, access,
information load, enhanced learning through on-line interaction.
Questionnaire mean overall satisfaction Likert rated at 1.2
(n = 20). Reflective diaries indicate positive impact on diabetes
care generally and enhanced use of psychosocial approaches to
Discussion An interactive course has been developed to deliver
a distance learning foundation course in diabetes management.
Novel evaluation techniques demonstrate positive learning impact.
Patient outcomes need to be assessed formally. An online diabetes
course together with associated networking opportunities, it is
argued, provides both accessible, timely education and ongoing
support for HCPs.

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