Mills, L. S., Chattington, P. D., Vora, J. P. and Gillibrand, Warren P. (2002) Nondipper phenomena in young normotensive adults with Type 1 diabetes: results of an initial prospective 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring study. Diabetic Medicine, 19 (s2). p. 64. ISSN 0742-3071

Introduction Nocturnal nondipper phenomena has been reported
in association with raised blood pressure (BP) and microalbuminuria
in people with Type 1 diabetes. Hypertension and its effective
management are recognized as an important factor in diabetes
mortality and morbidity. Studies have reported various results from
using 24 h BP monitoring.
Aim To determine a 24-h BP profile in young adults with Type 1
Method Random sampling of young adults with Type 1 diabetes
attending a district hospital diabetes centre. 24 h measurement of
ambulatory (daytime) BP and nocturnal (resting) BP and recording
of demographic and diabetes management characteristics.
Results An initial 16 people with Type 1 diabetes have completed
a 24-h BP profile who are classified (WHO criteria) as normotensive,
9 male, 7 female. 50% (n = 8) demonstrate nocturnal nondipper
phenomena, mean age 28, mean daytime BP 137/85, mean
nocturnal BP 132/78. 50% (n = 8) demonstrate nocturnal BP
dipping, mean age 39, mean daytime BP 135/82, mean nocturnal
BP 110/66. Results are correlated against duration of diabetes,
HbA1c and complications.
Discussion Should we be more concerned about this phenomena
and possible association with autonomic neuropathy and hypertension?