Bolton, Everton, Vorajee (nee Essat), Zaheera and Jones, Kip (2005) The Verismo of the Quotidian: A Biographic Narrative Interpretive Approach to Two Diverse Research Topics. In: Narrative, Memory & Everyday Life. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 9-17.

The turn to narrative enquiry shifts the very presence of the researcher from
knowledge-privileged investigator to a reflective position of passive
participant/audience member in the storytelling process. The interviewer as
writer/storyteller then emerges later in the process through her/his retelling of
the story as a weaver of tales, a collage-maker or a narrator of the narrations.
Recent times have seen the development of myriad methods of narrative
inquiry; one such method and the practicalities of its interview protocol will be
discussed in this chapter.

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