Phoenix, Cassandra (2009) "Life is Wonderful, There’s No Doubt About That": (Big and Small) Stories of an Embodied Positive Ageing Identity. In: Narrative, Memory and Identities. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 77-84.

This chapter forms part of a broader research project exploring narratives of the ageing, sporting body (Phoenix and Sparkes, 2006, 2007; Phoenix, Smith and Sparkes, 2007; Phoenix and Sparkes, 2008). Here, I examine the accomplishment of a positive ageing identity through the stories told by a 71 year old male. In order to examine how identity is narratively accomplished, I have found recent debates within narrative research between a “big story” and “small story” approach especially useful (Bamberg, 2006; Freeman, 2006).

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