Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre and McLaughlin, Scott (2009) Thinking Inside the Box: A New Integrated Approach to Mixed Music Composition and Performance. International Computer Music Conference Proceedings, 2009. pp. 379-386. ISSN 2223-3881

The Thinking Inside the Box project (TItB) seeks to address pragmatic concerns inherent to mixed music performance, and proposes ways to better consider the sound of the acoustic reality of the concert space at studio composition time. This is achieved through empirical investigation into subversive use of recent developments in hardware and software technologies. The primary concerns are
(1) optimising the integration of live instruments and electroacoustic sound in the concert hall environment for both the performers and the public, by carefully choosing loudspeaker types and placement at commission time, and by avoiding sound reinforcement;
(2) minimizing for studio composers the insitu trauma of the first live rendition of the piece, by bringing the concert hall acoustic environment into the studio composition process, using convolution reverb to reproduce in the studio the given loudspeaker setup through its impulse responses. This paper presents the conclusions of the project's early experiments in the form of three case study sets, and describes how this approach will be of use for any composer of mixed music.

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