Gibbs, Graham R., Skinner, Catherine and Teal, Andrew (1998) coMentor: a WWW-based multi-user virtual environment to facilitate collaborative learning amongst social theory and philosophy. In: IRISS '98, 25-27 March 1998, Bristol, UK.

coMentor is a JTAP supported project to develop a multi-user learning environment for social science students which is accessible over the World Wide Web without the need for any special client-side software. The system provides a collaborative virtual environment in which students can take part in synchronous and asynchronous discussion on theoretical issues related to the social sciences and humanities, along with a set of learning tools to support debate and collaborative work. The first part of this paper will describe the system and the user-centred design and evaluation process behind its development. The second part will discuss the use of the system to support a Master's philosophy option and a compulsory second year undergraduate philosophy course at Huddersfield University.

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