Putra, Nathanael (2019) Post Rock Music in Film. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

The use of post-rock music has not been widely explored in the academic world. The research explores the use of post-rock music in film through both practice-based research and a musical analysis of previous works of post-rock music in film. The aim of this research is to compose a portfolio of post-rock music for a selection of film clips based on analyses of other works of post-rock music in film. The choice of the clips for the analyses is determined by the popularity of the post-rock band composing for the film and the popularity of the film. The clips analysed in turn influence the choice of clips chosen for the portfolio and influences the way the music functions in the clip. The film clips feature different genres of film to showcase the use of post-rock in different film genres. The research focuses primarily on defining post-rock and its traits, the functions of post-rock music in film and how it does it while also comparing it to traditional classical score. Claudia Gorbman states that traditional classical score tend to be perceived as background music, invisible and inaudible but full of subtle cues to influence mood and immerse the audience (Gorbman, 1987, p. 73). The research concludes post-rock music functions as a traditional classical score such as to link scenes together, to create a setting and to set the mood. Since it tends to be dynamic and instrumental, it is ideal for use in film. Unlike a traditional classical score, post-rock relies not only on just tonality but using pads and soundscapes to set the mood. Using textures with a certain timbre can influence certain mood and certain effects can bring out an out-of-this-world quality. In addition, the genre’s dynamic nature can prove to intensify dramatic tension.

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