Smith, David John (2018) Widening the circle - a panel discussion about independence and support. In: 2018 Archives and Records Association Conference, 29th-31st August 2018, Glasgow. (Unpublished)

Panel Discussion with Heather Roberts, RNCM Archive and Gail Heath, Pankhurst Centre

David Smith contribution:
At Heritage Quay we have supported a range of history and heritage organisations to help them take better care of their collections. One of the areas I’ll be talking about is training; who should it be targeted at, who delivers it and what level of training is appropriate? Can training also feed into community building and including external groups in decision making to create something greater? I’ll be talking about some of the ways that we have tried to do this, the learning to take forward for the sector and looking to have conversations about issues of power, control and the remit of professional repositories in this context.

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