Westcott, Aleema, Fisher, Julie, Harding, Lindsay P., Rizkallah, Pierre and Hardie, Michaele J. (2008) Self-Assembly of a 3-D Triply Interlocked Chiral [2]Catenane. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130 (10). pp. 2950-2951. ISSN 1520-5126

A tripodal cyclotriveratrylene-based ligand with chelating 2,2‘-bipyridine arms self-assembles with either Zn(NO3)2 or Co(NO3)2 to give 3-D trigonal bipyramidal [M3L2] cage assemblies. These cages triply interlock forming [2]catenane species that have been characterized by mass spectrometry and, in the case of the Zn(II) complex, by X-ray crystallography.

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