Leudar, Augustine (2014) An alternative approach to 3D audio recording and reproduction. Divergence Press, 3 (1). ISSN 20523467

The following paper provides an overview of an alternative method of recording 3D sound scenes using several separate SD card microphones as opposed to using single multi capsule ambisonic or surround sound microphones. Instructions are provided on how to set the microphones up, appropriate directivity and positioning, and speaker setup for reproduction. The advantages and limitations of the approach compared to other sound spatialisation techniques the artist has tried, such as wavefield synthesis and ambisonics, are discussed. Two sound installations that use the technique are used as case studies to illustrate how to implement it effectively. A description of the effectiveness of the spatialisation and public response is also given. The paper is intended to be of practical use to sound artists, sound designers and composers who work with multichannel audio, especially those who create site specific sound installations.

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