Herbst, Jan-Peter (2015) “What’s that Sound?” Sound als didaktische Herausforderung der populären Musik [Sound as an educational challenge of popular music]. In: Popmusik-Vermittlung: Zwischen Schule, Universität und Beruf. Theorie und Praxis der Musikvermittlung (14). LIT, pp. 133-152. ISBN 9783643129970

Since the introduction of electrical means of recording, reproducing and transmitting popular music in the early 20th century, sound by means of any technically mediated music has become a central concept in terms of production aesthetics, and the way music is perceived. By the time media technology found its way into the classroom, sound posed wide challenges for the musical education. Ear training, analysis, musical practice, and then sound design as a new field, had to be adapted considering the technological development such as keyboards, drum computers, sequencer programs, and the overall digitalization.

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