Maktabi, Mohamad, Carnie, Bruce, Mao, N. and Goswami, Parikshit (2015) Enhancement of the Aesthetics Appearance and Softness of Knitted Spacer Fabric. In: 5th Smartex - 2015 Egypt (World Textiles Conference), 23-25 November 2015, Karf El-Shaikh, Egypt.

With the advances in textile technology and manufacturing methods, the textile industry is witnessing a
revolution in technical textile fabrics. These innovative fabrics are entering the market and competing
successfully due to their unique properties and added value. Knitted spacer fabric is one of those products that are desirable for their high compression resistance properties as well as the high air permeability, durability and distinguished thermal conductivity. These textiles have been widely used as a replacement for conventional cushions, and used as cover fabrics for seats in vehicles, as well as a
variety of other applications This study aims to achieve an improvement in softness of handle and aesthetic appeal by creating a ‘composite’ of knitted spacer fabric and a Tencel nonwoven fabric.

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