Sampson, Gill (2015) Illustration Images by Design. [Image]

From a portfolio of Illustration produced for commission and representation through industry agents these illustration samples are from a body of work produced for industry use. For this work the focus of my illustration was exploring process and techniques combining photoshop with hand made illustration. My aim was to experiment with new practice and processes while producing a range of digital pieces with commercial appeal in the context of the licensing industry, a new field of freelance practice. In response to agents’ requirements the full portfolio is a body of themed illustration images designed for commissioning, promotional use and digital archiving reflecting trends in terms of content, colour, design and feel.

The work was presented at Surtex May 2015, New York, Brand Licensing 13-15 October 2014, Olympia London and Spring Fair International 1 -5 February 2015, NEC Birmingham industry showcases by Image by Design Agency (

Illustration Samples
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Illustration Samples 2
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