Dhingra, Sameer, Maharaj, Sandeep, Extavour, Rian Marie and Babar, Zaheer-Ud-Din (2017) Pharmaceutical Policy in Trinidad and Tobago. In: Pharmaceutical Policy in Countries with Developing Healthcare Systems. ADIS, pp. 349-363. ISBN 978-3319516721

This chapter describes the pharmaceutical policy landscape in Trinidad and Tobago. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a twin-island democratic nation located off the north coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean. The country is experiencing an epidemiological transition with a decline in the incidence of communicable diseases, and increases in chronic, noncommunicable diseases. Therefore, it is critical that pharmaceutical polices are reflective of our new health realities.

This chapter sets the base for examining the country’s polices by exploring its health and regulatory system. It takes an in-depth look at the processes, which are in place and identifies gaps and best practices, which takes place in Trinidad and Tobago. The authors delve into identifying the county’s procurement and distribution system of pharmaceuticals within the public sectors and how are these processes financed.

The role of the pharmacist and prescribing practices of doctors are also examined with a view to gain an understanding of the entire system. Trinidad and Tobago has significant policies, processes, and agencies in place to encourage best pharmaceutical practices. However, there continues to be gaps with implementation of some policies and processes, which hinders compliance. This chapter finally details these challenges.

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