Brooks, Joanna and King, Nigel (2017) Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-1137359124

With a highly pragmatic, yet rigorous and theoretically driven approach, this edited book demonstrates why qualitative research in psychology matters, and how it is applied in real world settings. Employing examples of qualitative research from across the different sub-disciplines of psychology, a range of experts in a broad spread of methods show how and why these are used in a wide variety of settings. With its distinctive applied and pragmatic focus, this book will appeal to those with an interest in qualitative methods across the spectrum of psychology and beyond

The use of qualitative research methods in psychology has become increasingly popular in recent years, but issues related to the conduct of qualitative psychological research in real-world settings are often glossed over in textbooks and classroom teaching. Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology takes a rigorous and theoretically driven approach to show how and why qualitative research is used by experts across various contexts and specialisms.

Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology:
- Is edited by experienced qualitative researchers, and includes contributions from a range of qualitative psychologists doing innovative applied qualitative research
- Covers a range of issues, methods and different participant groups, while remaining accessible to the novice researcher
- Introduces a range of exciting methods that students can employ in their own work

Drawing on examples from a range of sub-disciplines, this distinctive book demonstrates why qualitative research in psychology matters, and how it can be applied in real world settings.

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