Thomas, W.A. and Marr, Norman E. (1993) Evaluation of new products by New Zealand supermarket retail grocery buyers. International journal of retail and distribution management, 21 (8). pp. 19-28. ISSN 0959-0552

Little has been written about the evaluative aspects of new product decisions within the broad reseller market. Reports a study, prior to which no known information existed about New Zealand retail grocery buyers' evaluations of new products, procedures followed or importance attached to various criteria as pertaining acceptance or rejection decisions. Fourteen in-depth interviews with management and buyers, and a subsequent mail questionnaire to 47 potential respondents involving their assessment of the importance attached to criteria in accept or reject decisions were undertaken. Results suggest the application of both “hard” and “soft” core sets of criteria which embody the evaluation of product, supplier and presenter. These criteria are applied to as many as 2,000 products per year, most of which are at the “duplication” end of the new product continuum. Ranks of criteria, and hence assumed central importance, vary depending on the treatment applied, though not a great deal of variation between buyers is suggested. While this may be the case, the company one represents and the use or non-use of a ranging committee seemingly play a determining influence.

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