Gomes, Danilo, Tzortzopoulos, Patricia and Kagioglou, Mike (2017) Collaborative concept design as socio-construction. In: 5th International Workshop When Social Science Meets Lean and BIM, 26-27 of January 2017, Aalborg, Denmark.

This research addresses the problem of lack of integration on decision-making caused by misunderstandings between team members during collaborative concept design. Previous research on collaborative design indicated relevant empirical evidence that current concepts of collaboration in design and construction focus on changing the context and the media, and have not properly addressed the socio-constructive nature of collaboration, failing to allow the development of particular abilities required to engage in collective creative situations. In this research it is argued that while the development of such new context and new media can contribute for integrating organizations, process, communication and coordination, they have limited capacity to support collective reasoning on decision-making, especially during concept design. The research approach is a synthesis of the literature, presenting a new model to study collaboration in concept design. The paper discusses the concept of collaboration in conceptual design, and explains collaboration as a socio-constructive act. Collaboration in design should be considered as dependent on the group ability to engage in self-reflective actions, allowing the group to conduct collective decision-making. Further development will provide ways of measuring this and investigating how a multidisciplinary design team can improve collaboration.
Keywords: Collaboration, Multidisciplinary Team, Concept Design, Shared Understanding and Social-Constructive Interactions.


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