Stansfield, Lynda Margaret and Day, Janine C. (1998) A rewarding experience or just sheer torture? A study of participant experience of advanced selection techniques. Career Development International, 3 (6). pp. 252-259. ISSN 1362-0436

The focus of research literature has concentrated mainly on the organisational perspectives of selection techniques, particularly on issues of utility. The participant experience, in contrast, has relatively little representation. This study was designed to examine the subjective experience of assessment centre participants using a case-study approach with the intention of identifying key factors which contribute to a positive orientation towards the organisation after the event. As well as examining the mechanics of assessment centres and highlighting examples of good and bad practice, the study highlights the range and strength of emotions experienced by the participants. Conclusions are drawn and practical recommendations are made on ways to improve the “candidate experience” without detracting from the original objectives of effective selection

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