Amaratunga, Dilanthi and Baldry, David (2002) Sample view of current performance measurement practices in facilities managements. In: School of Construction and Property Management, January 2002, The University of Salford. (Unpublished)

Measurement has always been of great importance in every realm of life. It is an area which has been discussed increasingly over the past few years, and the adages “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and “what gets measured gets done” and “has never been so powerful a truth” (Peters, 1987) (cited in Stone, 1996) are an all too common element of many management texts.
The above stated broad performance measurement need for management applies to management in a FM context when FM is considered as a subset of general management. A reasonable case for the need for and benefits of performance measurement systems in FM environments will be discussed in this paper together with some relevant trends in performance measurement literature which offer opportunities for identification of such systems. It further discusses the increasing trend towards performance measurement in FM organisations and shows that there is also a need for a new approach to performance measurement systems in FM organisations, by discussing problems with the existing approaches to performance measurement systems identified throughout a survey thus identifying a research need in the area of study.

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