Cassidy, Aaron (2016) The wreck of former boundaries for electric lap-steel guitar and electronics (2015). In: ELISION Ensemble Concert: The Surface Project, 21st September 2016, RMIT Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

The Surface Project concert will showcase ELISION's work, which has focused increasingly on pushing physical boundaries in search of certain kinds of visceral expressive experiences.

As part of their exhibition ELISION: 30 years at RMIT Gallery (9 September - 22 October) Daryl Buckley (electric lap-steel guitar), Peter Neville (percussion) and Tristram Williams (trumpets and quarter-tone flugelhorn with preparation) - with Lawrence Harvey (sound spatialisation) and Simon Maisch (+-technical management) will be performing the following works at RMIT Storey Hall:

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