Newton, Claira and Gavin, Helen (2016) Studying The Long-term Psychological Effects of Emotional Abuse Experienced in Childhood. In: IACSS 2016 International Academic Conference on Social Sciences. The International Institute for Academic Development, pp. 41-49. ISBN 9789941090646

Objectives: In order to study the effect of child emotional abuse (CEA) on adult well-being, a survey was conducted to determine the links. In order to understand how the various forms of abuse are dealt with by the victim, this research examines the different coping strategies employed in both childhood and adulthood. Design: An online survey was developed including questions designed to elicit qualitative and quantitative data. The online survey method was used in order to maintain anonymity of participants and produce rich and useful data. Method: Charitable organisations who work with adult victims of child abuse agreed to help network this survey to their client groups. The data from this client group will be compared to that collected from non-client groups who may or may not have been subject to abuse. Results:Data will be analysed using both qualitative (thematic) and quantitative (correlational) analytical procedures. The results discussed in this paper are preliminary results only. Conclusions: Practical implications in terms of understanding how emotional abuse experienced in childhood impacts on mental health and well-being in adulthood will be discussed, alongside the possibility of identifying the most effective defence mechanisms/coping strategies employed which could then be utilised effectively in child and adult therapy sessions or interventions.

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