Monro, Surya (2016) LGBTQI rights in Europe: Trends, opportunities, and challenges’. Proud In Europe? In: Proud In Europe? LGBTI Emancipation in Comparative Perspective, 4th-5th August 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Unpublished)

European frameworks and directives provide a strong basis for supporting LGBTQI human rights and equality. In some countries, we are seeing innovative new developments, such as legislation protecting the rights of those who do not fit the gender binary system. And, across Europe, there are vibrant and visible forms of activism to support LGBTQI rights and the interests of LGBTQI people. Many people working in positions of public service support LGBTQI peoples' equality, social inclusion and wellbeing. However, there are also many challenges. The current political and economic threats to European solidarity is a major difficulty. Within different European countries, there are wide variations in political support for LGBTQI human rights, and there is a worrying trend towards prejudice. Another issue is that some LGBTQI peoples' interests are more visible and more met than others. This panel explores challenges, and useful strategies for supporting the rights and wellbeing of all LGBTQI people.

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