Khan, Sheriz and Tzortzopoulos, Patricia (2016) A framework for evaluating an action research study on lean design management. Proc. 24th Ann. Conf. of the Int’l. Group for Lean Construction. Boston, USA, July 20-22. pp. 113-122.

There is no convention for evaluating action research (AR), and the one commonly used for evaluating research in general was deemed unsuitable for evaluating a postgraduate AR study on lean design management conducted by the researchers. The purpose of this paper is to present the framework developed by the researchers for evaluating the AR study, using criteria that are different from those traditionally used to evaluate research. It is hoped that this paper will contribute to lean construction research (LC) by highlighting the importance of using AR to measure the efficacy of LC production systems in their intended context of application and by letting future LC researchers know that they can develop their own criteria for evaluating their research rather than use generic criteria that may not be suitable.

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