Dix, Alan, Bashford, Christina, Cowgill, Rachel, McVeigh, Simon and Ridgewell, Rupert (2016) Spreadsheets as User Interfaces. In: Proceedings of AVI 2016 (the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces), 7-10 June 2016. ACM, Italy: Bari, pp. 192-195. ISBN 978-1-4503-4131-8

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous, familiar, often overlooked, and embody vast financial and human investment, not least in their user interface. This paper shows how spreadsheets can be used as an integral part of interactive processes, for activities from simple data entry, to more complex grouping and linking of datasets, both as fully functional prototypes and as part of a final system. They reveal artful digital and physical end-user appropriation; exemplify key design principles including 'appropriate intelligence', ensuring 'smart' technology fits the complete human–computer process; and expose further design issues such as the importance of 'exception' sets.

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