Payne, AM and Barry, Vikki (2011) The dynamic relationship between occupation and health: A search for the evidence. In: College of occupational therapists annual conference, 2010, Brighton. (Unpublished)

Interest in the relationship between occupation and health has increased through the formation of the discipline of occupational science. Understanding of this dynamic relationship has both philosophical foundations within the Occupational Therapy profession (Schwartz 2009) and an even deeper origin within ancient human history (Wilcock 2007). Despite this, the evidence that occupation influences human health and wellbeing is still deemed limited and often assumed (Hammell 2009).

A literature review centred on the relationship between occupation and health established where a range of potential evidence does exist to demonstrate the positive and negative influences of occupation upon health. It also highlighted how the complexity of these concepts, the diverse range of research being undertaken and its various origins, were significant influential factors in the discovery of existing evidence and the development of future evidence in the study of this unique relationship.

These key findings from the literature review will be presented and discussed in more detail to demonstrate potential influences upon practice.

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