Almond, Kevin and Power, Jess (2016) The Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting Abstracts. University of Huddersfield, University of Huddersfield. ISBN 9781862181380

Conference Introduction

The Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting’ has been generously sponsored by fashion and apparel solutions specialist Lectra. The overriding theme of the conference is to provide a platform to develop ideas as well as continue reinforcing notions of what constitutes practice based enquiry and the value of tacit knowledge (in this case creative pattern cutting), within a research context. The cut and construction of clothing, which embellishes the human body is the overarching discourse. The papers presented here continue to emphasise how we shouldn’t underestimate tacit knowledge and the making process as a form of enquiry. The conference is streamed into four definitive themes, which investigate digital technology, eco-sustainable, pedagogical and fashioned approaches to creative pattern cutting and give researchers and practitioners a platform to share new techniques, ideas and direction with their peers in education and industry.
One of the prevailing themes in this year’s conference is the value of “learning by doing” (active learning) and the art of reflection. This has been embedded into all the tracks through professional practice, pedagogical developments and engaging research. The networks developed through the conference underpin some of the strengths of peer learning and moving forward the benefits of interdisciplinarity as a means of creative leading to the introduction of new skills, epistemologies, and creative impact leading to a new era in
fashion design.

Conference Organisers:

Dr. Kevin Almond

Dr. Jess Power

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