Shaw, Alan (2014) How to enhance the Social Ecological Framework by incorporating Bronfenbrenner’s Process, Person, Context and Time Model. In: Academy of Marketing Conference, 7-10th July 2014, Bournemouth University. (Unpublished)

It has been said that social marketing researchers tend to focus on the individual and that they should adopt wider environmental perspectives. Collins, Tapp and Presley’s Social Ecological Framework (SEF) provides scholars and practitioners with this opportunity, unfortunately their model is still in its development phase and requires considerable more work. This study will attempt to enhance the concept by incorporating Bronfenbrenner’s “Process, Person, Context, Time (PPCT) Model”.

The methodology employed will be a mixed methods approach focusing specifically on how health education programmes can be used to influence individuals living with diabetes to change their health behaviours. The study will be working in partnership with Diabetes UK who will provide access to individuals living with diabetes who are interested in supporting research projects.

The initial findings demonstrate that the PPCT model can have a significant impact in the design of a social marketing campaign. The next phase is to develop a means of incorporating it into the SEF because as this report has shown, the SEF has the potential of becoming a strategic planning tool for social marketers. It could also have a significant impact in designing better social marketing campaigns.

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