Featherstone, Brid (2011) The current economic crisis in Ireland: Why social work needs to be part of the challenge to a discredited system. Comunitania. Revista Internacional de Trabajo Social y Ciencias Sociales, 1 (1). pp. 17-29. ISSN 2173-0512

This article outlines the background to Ireland's current economic Difficulties. It locates the response by the government Within an ongoing neo-liberal project That you reproduce patterns of inequality. It explores why tackling inequality is essential to personal and societal well-being. It outlines the history of social work in Ireland and Argues That It Must Become part of the Coalition for Change that is emerging in Irish society. It offers some grounds for optimism in regard esta it, Although there are obstacles recognises That partly to Do With government monitoring of social work and Its location Within a demoralized and frightened public sector.

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