Mushtaha, Emad, Noguchi, Takahiro and Abualqumboz, Moheeb (2005) Systematical Evaluation of Housing Planning and Design “Gaza Case”. In: Fifth China Urban Housing Conference, 24 - 25 November, 2005, Hong Kong - China.

Living and environmental studies of housing planning, construction and operation have low priority in studies as compared to the conventional interests in cost, size, form, location and aesthetics. In 1994, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) was founded due to the implementation of the Oslo peace agreement. Consequently, many living units have been built to alleviate housing problems with absence of specific studies related to the cultural distributions and environmental comfort of indoor spaces. Therefore, this study focuses on finding proper architectural and physical characteristics of indigenous houses throughout analyzing Gaza′s historical house layout architecturally and environmentally. Investigations have obviously achieved a significant guidance for future planning and construction.

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