Swailes, Stephen and Orr, Kevin (2008) Talent management in the UK: Public/Private Sector Differences and Implications for Reward. In: Reward Management - facts and trends in Europe. PABST, Berlin, pp. 275-293. ISBN 978-3-89967-479-8

In this chapter we explore talent management particularly in relation to its implementaion in profit seeking and public sector organizations in the UK. Drawing on literature review, findings from interviews with senior HR executives and reflections on our experience of working with practitioners in both sectors we illustrate how the concept of talent management is construed and approached. Our findings indicate that, while operationally similar, the two sectors differ in their underpinning ethos. Reward strategies are in imporant part of talent managenent but sophisticated reward practices alone are not enough to keep outsanding talent. Practitioners emphasise the need for reward practices to be part of a coherent infrastructure designed to attract, develop and retain talent.

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