Warnock-Smith, David, O'Connell, John Frankie and Maleki, Mahnaz (2015) An examination of ongoing trends in airline ancillary revenues. In: 19th Air Transport Research Society World Conference, 2nd - 5th July 2015, Singapore.

The airline industry seems permanently embedded in producing thin margins and continuously combatting downward pressure on yields. To perpetuate the problem, the industry remains eclipsed with high cost structures and low barriers to entry. However, a new sizzling concept continues to counterbalance these effects in the form of ancillary revenues. Globally, these revenues have increased by 121% from 2010 to 2014 – and the trend is set to continue as carriers are quickly implementing structural changes to accommodate these revenues streams. This paper examines the performance of the two core classifications of ancillary revenues, which are unbundled products and commission based income. It also investigates the willingness of passengers to pay for these services together with what type of ancillary items are acceptable at a particular price point. The study found that passengers value a narrow range of perceived ‘necessity’ products and services such as food and drink, checked baggage and seat assignment as opposed to perceived ‘optional’ unbundled or commission based products/services. It also found significant differences in WTP for specific ancillary services based on carrier type (FSC/LCC/Charter), length of flight (long and short haul) and journey purpose (business, leisure, VFR).

ATRS Singapore 2015 IV Submitted 2.pdf - Accepted Version

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