Armitage, Rachel and Everson, Steve (2003) Building for Burglars? Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal, 5 (4). pp. 15-25. ISSN 1460-3780

This paper reports on a study conducted into the factors, other than location, which influence homebuyers to purchase a particular property. The study was prompted by a consistent failure over time by private housing developers to embrace the principles of the Association of Police Chief Officers 'Secured by Design' (SBD) award scheme, or even the major elements of that scheme, to ensure parity of security with newly built social housing.

Many private housing developers have expressed the view, without supporting evidence, that they avoid building to SBD standards because the majority of house buyers regard a property with enhanced security as one that has reduced appeal. It has been these developers' expressed opinion that purchasers equate enhanced security with high-crime areas, and would therefore be turned off by rather than attracted to an SBD property. Without evidence to the contrary, developers have had little incentive to adapt their building practices, and individuals concerned with crime reduction have been unable to offer a convincing argument for them to do so.

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