Pikas, Ergo, Koskela, Lauri, Thalfeldt, Martin, Dave, Bhargav and Kurnitski, Jarek (2015) Complexity in Designing Energy Efficient Buildings: Towards Understanding Decision Networks in Design. In: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. IGLC (23). IGLC.net, Perth, Australia, pp. 213-222.

Most important decisions for designing energy efficient buildings are made in the early stages of design. Designing is a complex interdisciplinary task, and energy efficiency requirements are pushing boundaries even further. This study analyzes the level of complexity for energy efficient building design and possible remedies for managing or reducing the complexity. Methodologically, we used the design structure matrix for mapping the current design tasks and hierarchical decomposition of lifecycle analysis for visualizing the interdependency of the design tasks and design disciplines and how changes propagate throughout the system, tasks and disciplines. We have visualized the interdependency of design tasks and design disciplines and how changes propagate throughout the system. Current design of energy efficiency building is a linear and one-shot approach without iterations planned into the process. Broken management techniques do not help to reduce the complexity

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