Allali, B., Keraminiyage, Kaushal and Kulatunga, Udayangani (2013) The Role of Organizational Culture in Managing the Knowledge in the Information Communication Technology Small Firms in Libya. In: International Post Graduate Research Conference: IPGRC 2013, 8th-10th April 2013, Salford, UK.

Since over 25 years, the influence of embedding the culture of managing the knowledge in the business organization started to be questioned.
The concern about the value of knowledge started to rise as many studies found that managing knowledge is a main key to achieve better performance as knowledge has been seen as crucial to the companies’ competitive advantages. The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of organizational culture in managing the knowledge in the small information communication technology (ICT) firms. The authors set the study in the
context of Libya as a developing country aiming to contribute to the literature with findings which will emerge from an interesting context considering the uncommon circumstances the country is experiencing after the Libyan revaluation (pre and post AL-Qaddafi Dictatorship).

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