Koskela, Lauri, Rooke, John, Codinhoto, Ricardo and Kagioglou, Mike (2012) Do we need one science of production in healthcare? In: HaCIRIC International Conference 2012: Transforming Healthcare Infrastructure and Services in an Age of Austerity,, 19rh-21st September 2012, Cardiff, Wales.

The question addressed is: Is there need, in health care, for one consolidated
science of production? For responding to this question, the classical science of
production is reviewed and the current approaches to production and service in
healthcare are analysed as for their evolution and current status. It is found that
these current movements are not self-aware of the restrictions deriving from their
backgrounds, and of the resultant partiality in their approaches. It is concluded
that improvement of healthcare is slowed down by the fragmentation of the
related disciplines; thus one consolidated science of production (of healthcare) is


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