Shah, Karen (2015) Want Some Sauce On That ? Recycling Clothes the Ketchup Way. In: 21st Century Thrift: An Intellectual Archeology. Revolutionary Radicalism or Social Conservatism?, 8 May, 2015, Royal Holloway University, London. (Submitted)

Ketchup Clothes was set up some 10years ago as an experiment.
It was an experiment into what you could do with discarded and found clothing.
It was also an experiment into social enterprise.

I’ve always been a Womble. Never happier than with a load of rubbish around me. Its liberating thinking that you can make stuff out of what others throw away and it’s free. Clothes have always been my thing. I love being at my sewing machine and playing around with cloth. I’ve never taken to shopping so making my own stuff has always seemed the logical solution.

Shop bought clothes in the main have turned bad. We no longer trust how they are made and their constant reinvention gives us a headache.

This presentation will chart some of the highs and lows of Ketchup Clothes. It will show you that you can indeed make a success out of raiding skips and that there are a lot of resources out there if you know where to look. But it will also hopefully raise some key questions relating to sustainability and development goals and just what the future for fashion is.

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