Atkin, Leanne, Rothwell, Matt and Stephenson, John (2015) Leg health assessment days: facilitating undergraduate training and population empowerment. In: 25th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) 2015, 13th-15th May 2015, London, UK.

Aim: To illustrate the benefits of working in partnership with clinicans, academics and industry to improve undergraduate clinical skills and promote leg health amongst the local population.
Method: Leg health assessment days have taken place with industry support since 2011.
Members of the public are invited via local press to attend a leg health assessment. The holistic assessment incorporates:
• Past medical history
• Assessment of limb for chonic venous disease
• Arertial assessment

The assessment is carried out by podiatry undergraduates, supported by practising clinicians. The results of this assessement is communicated with the indivual and any necessary early intervention is recommended. This can include lifestyle advice, provision of hosiery, or instructions to visit the General Pratitioner (GP). Information gained from this assessment and details of intervention is communicated to the GP, with consent from the individual.
Results / Discussion: The process enables the undergraduate podiatrist to:
• Develop assessment skills under supervision
• Understand appropriate referral pathways for those requiring medical input
• Aprreciate the need and the clinical benefits of early intervention for venous/ lymphatic insuffiency
• Develop hosiery selection, measurement and fitting skills.

The benefits for the individual:
• The process of self referral and subsequent assessment and treatment facilitates empowerment
• Promotes self care
• Individuals feel listened to and supported
• Prevents disease progression and potentially the development of further complications.
• Facilitates timely specialist referral in cases requiring prompt review.
Conclusion: Leg health assessment days facilitate both undergraduate training and health promotion. The days gain positive feedback from both individuals and undergraduates.

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