Sundin, Paulina E. and Adkins, Monty (2015) Rondures for saxophone quartet and electronics. In: Studio 53 featuring Paulina Sundin & Monty Adkins and the Mexican group naff, 25th April 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.

Studio 53 continues its series of estimated tonsättarpresentationer in Stockholm Saxofonkvartetts studio Tulegatan 53. On Saturday, April 25. 17:00 begins the concert with two true virtuosos of the electroacoustic music field Paulina Sundin and Monty Adkins.

Together explores new ways to construct harmonious progress with the help of new computer tools. This has resulted in three fascinating and energetic pieces, the last "Rondures" for the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet and electronics, will be premiered on this occasion. We will also get to listen to Monty Adkins "Panel No. 3, to Annis "and Paulina Sundin:" With playing qualifiers ".

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