Koutinas, Apostolis A., Du, Chenyu, Lin, Sze Ki Carol and Webb, Colin (2014) Developments in cereal-based biorefineries. In: Advances in Biorefineries. Woodhead Publishing, pp. 303-334. ISBN 978-0-85709-521-3

Biodiesel is presently one of the most important biofuels used worldwide. Glycerol or glycerin is a byproduct of biodiesel production, with still few economical applications and can be used as a raw material for the fuel sector. Biotechnological pathways may be used for the production of ethanol, used as biofuel or in the biodiesel transesterification process. Production of syngas from glycerol opens the possibility of obtaining hydrocarbons in the diesel and gasoline range. Many glycerol derivatives can be used as additives for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel, showing the great versatility of this substance.

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