Gill, David (2002) The Amateur Yorksherman. Redbeck Press, Bradford. ISBN 0946980918

This poetry collection represents a new approach to Yorkshire dialect poetry, which has traditionally been humorous and usually
has retrospective subject-matter with a sentimental theme.

These poems, by contrast, take a serious and contemporary look at Yorkshire themes, using dialect words where they remain
current and representing features of accent in non-traditional ways. In particular, the use of an apostrophe, rather than the t’ of
standard treatments, is an innovation which communicates beyond the region, and allows readers from beyond Yorkshire to
‘hear’ the accent of the poems.

Another innovative feature of this collection is that a number of the poems are the result of ‘discursive intervention’ in other
texts, such as ‘On Ilkley Moor’ and Robert Burns’ poems, which reflects Gill’s interest in, and knowledge of, stylistics.

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