Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre (2006) Alter Ego. [Composition] (Submitted)

The portrait DVD-A Alter Ego contains two works that address similar research questions relating to perception and structure.
Autoportrait (10'40) was commissioned by Réseaux with funds from the Canada Council for the Arts. The work was premiered
at the Rien à Voir Festival, Espace Go, Montreal, 13 December 2001, and has received four further performances at BEAST,
Birmingham; Rien à Voir XIII, MACM, Montreal; Sonic Explorations, Huddersfield; TransPennine Concert, University of Central
Lancashire. La Cloche fêlée (8'06) was premiered by the Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre, 2004, and has also been
performed at City University, London; SCRIME concert, Bordeaux, France.

‘Mixtering: a working model for an enhanced sound quality in electroacoustics’, co-authored with D. Bassal, eContact, 9.3,
Montreal, 2007.
Reviews of 'Alter ego'.
Programmes associated.

Autoportrait explores the relationship between the static image of oneself and the representation of such an image through a
time-based medium, as documented in the composer’s PhD commentary (Birmingham, 2005). The work presents four different
‘readings’ or aspects of the composer’s character, progressing in complexity from the superficial to the detailed. Autoportrait
also presents and explores ways of creating personal expression in acousmatic music through the use of referential and
anecdotal montage.

La Cloche fêlée explores the relationship between linguistic meaning and structure. This dichotomy is explored through the
linguistic meaning and the form of a sonnet by Baudelaire, and how this can be translated into musical archetypes. Research
was also undertaken regarding sound quality and mastering in electroacoustic music, as documented in the portfolio paper
co-written with Dominique Bassal.

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