Delsante, Ioanni (2014) Elements of interior architectural design against stylish approaches. In: Young Interior Architects in Shanghai. Politecnica . Maggioli Editore, Rome, Italy, pp. 28-36. ISBN 9788891604392

The importance of this book is related to different reasons. Firstly
it deals with interior architectural design that is a key topic in
architectural practice even if it is a neglected subject in most schools
of architecture nowadays as “interior design is often misunderstood
as only a kind of decoration”.[1] On the contrary, as Prof. Chen
Yi states, “we believe that interior design and architectural design
were indistinguishable since the beginning of the civilization”.[2]
As a matter of fact interior space is “the space enclosed by walls,
wherever they are arranged or configured. It is primary and
characterizing of every architectural work, it is addressed to the
fruition by whom it is going through, crossing or stopping; […]
it has a meaning clearly distinct from that of the other figurative

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