Bugelli, Valentina, Forni, David, Bassi, Luciani Alessandro, Di Paolo, Marco, Marra, Damiano, Lenzi, Scilla, Toni, Chiara, Giusiani, Mario, Domenici, Ranieri, Gherardi, Mirella and Vanin, Stefano (2015) Forensic Entomology and the Estimation of the Minimum Time Since Death in Indoor Cases. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 60 (2). pp. 525-531. ISSN 0022-1198

Eight cases that occurred indoors in which the insects played an important role in the mPMI estimation are presented. The bodies of socially isolated people and old people living alone were discovered in central Italy between June and November. mPMI ranged from a few days to several weeks. Insects were collected during the body recovery and the postmortem. Climatic data were obtained from the closest meteorological stations and from measurements performed on the site. Sarcophagidae and Calliphoridae species were present in 75% of the cases with Lucilia sericata and Chrysomya albiceps collected in 50% of the cases. Chrysomya albiceps was always found in association with Lucilia species. Scuttle flies (Phoridae) were found in 37.5% of the cases, confirming the ability of these species in indoor body colonization. We show that if sealed environment may delay, the insect arrival dirty houses may create the environment where sarcosaprophagous insects are already present.

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